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Indulge Your Imagination...

Genre fiction is a wonderful way of tackling the complexities of being human whilst also keeping your reader hooked. Difficult topics can be interwoven with thrilling tales of terror or threats from a dystopian world.



Enjoy the stunning new edition by Mercuria Press - available now in the US. The UK release will be on 28th July.

“Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, Urban Creatures takes you to dark places while reassuring you that you’re not alone.”
— Zack Davisson

Urban Creatures is a quirky collection of dark tales, recounted with wit, imagination and menace.

Urban survival makes creatures of us all. Clamouring for love, terrified of boredom and anxious for success, we fight a futile battle.


Primal urges feed the city, stalking its inhabitants. From a psychotherapist gorging on tragedy to a grief-stricken father searching for his daughter's lost

soul, humanity’s subterranean secrets and shames are unearthed.

Illustration ©Alodie Fielding

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