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Racontesse Journal – Cocker & Catch-22

‘Jarv Is’ – Jarvis Cocker’s new musical incarnation

Desperate to feel like I'm having some kind of life, this week I booked a ticket to an online Q&A with the musician, Jarvis Cocker. As my sister Emma says, "I love Jarvis Cocker and I don't care who knows it!".

What I think is ingenious is that you can't book a ticket without buying the new album, Beyond the Pale. Clever Jarv Is [sic]. What a great marketing ploy – I'd do it myself except nobody knows who I am. Catch-22.

I've had a very fruitful time for marketing. This week, I heard the audiobook of Urban Creatures, for the first time. Produced by Essential Audiobooks and read by Catherine O'Brien, I'm delighted with it. It's a bizarre experience for me to hear my stories read aloud, stories I've had concerns about wouldn't sound out of place on BBC Radio 4 (the natural home of the audio story), especially All Together Now.

I'm really into branding and logos – it feels like everything is neatly contained for easy consumption. I've been developing my own range of bookmarks, business cards and postcards with designer, Ginny Wood (she also designed, Urban Creatures). They look incredible – Alodie Fielding's artwork is so sumptuous and appealing, it needs to get out there and live! I can't wait until you guys can get your hands on them.

Lastly, my tech savvy and generous friend, Sandrine Ceurstemont, has updated my website. I've realised lately that a lot of people I know (potential customers) are no longer happy to buy from Amazon - who can blame them. So, in response I've included different buying options for my book. It's a difficult judgement call in the sense that Amazon provides a service to review books, which, in theory promotes sales. Without those algorithms, would anyone outside of my circle come across my book? Another Catch-22. In response, I tend to promote Amazon only for Kindle and Audible.

To catapult myself into the world beyond, I need to Q&A the f@#k out of my fat arse and keep on plugging the merch’…

Sarah Gray

13 July 2020

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