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About Racontesse


Welcome to Racontesse — the alias of Sarah Gray — a place she has created to share and discuss stories. Whatever form they come in and whomever writes them.
Sarah has been storytelling all her professional life, has worked in TV, film and is now a full-time writer. Her short stories have been likened to those of Shirley Jackson and Alice Munro. Beautiful and thought-provoking, they deal with topics such as death and loss, delveing deep into the undercurrents of human psychology, often with ghosts and supernatural creatures delivering fantastical messages of warning or redemption. These quirky stories are told with wit, imagination and menace.   

In 2021, Sarah signed with US based publisher, Mercuria Press. The new 1st US editions of Urban Creatures and the forthcoming Against the Sun are beautifully reimagined from the UK editions using a combination of existing, re-edited and newly written stories. Alodie Fielding has added to her gorgeous illustrations that elevate the collections, making them a sensory delight.  

The original collections; Surface Tension, Half Life and Urban Creatures were published by Claret Press, and are now out of print.  

Her educational background is in literature and writing. She has an MA in 20th Century Literature and its Contexts, and diplomas in Creative Writing and Script Development.

In October 2015 Sarah was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a condition rendering her almost paralysed. Her life has changed in every way but her ambition remains to keep writing and being creative for as long as possible.

Racontesse includes articles discussing the challenges she faces attempting to lead a productive life under evermore, difficult circumstances.​ Everyone is 
encouraged to contribute and the blog features guest authors and script editors, social and healthcare professionals and immersive entertainment experts. 

Racontesse wants to know where storytellers get their inspiration, what keeps them going and what excites them about their own and other people's work. Join in and let's share some stories.


For 18 years, Sarah was a television editor and has cut hundreds of programmes ranging in genre from arts documentary to lifestyle and cookery, for broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. Being an editor gave her the perfect training to write and direct her own short films, with three films completed to date.

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